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Homework 2/11

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Homework 2/11 Empty Homework 2/11

Post  pbr on February 11th 2009, 1:27 pm

Read up to Ch. 5 pg. 87
CATCH UP if you're behind!!!!

Chapter Three: Pages 56-66

Over what did Zeena become less watchful?
Why was Zeena wearing a bonnet?
In her flux of words pertaining to her trip to Bettsbridge, what was Ethan calculating?
What were the ages of Ethan and Zeena, respectively?

Chapter Four: Pages 67-87

What had a "homelike" look with Zeena's absence?
What event contributed to the cessation of Ethan's loitering in the village?
What avocation had Ethan always wanted to pursue?
Why might Zeena have visited Andrew Hale's house in the past?
The description of what place was used to characterize Andrew Hale?
What paralyzed Ethan?
Why did Ethan conclude "that there was no risk of immediate discovery"?
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