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Post  Atlantisbase on February 11th 2009, 1:31 pm

1. How did Mrs. Pontellier evolve between pg. 26 and 60?
She becomes more open, more free in her willingness to express herself, to assert her self as evidenced by her willingness to defy her husband and refuse to come into the house.

2. If she had lived in the modern world, would she have had children?
Probably not, based on her feelings towards her children; sometimes she loves them immeasurably while other times she completely forgets them.

3. Had she been in Kentucky she wouldn't be pulled down as much as she is now in Louisiana. Perhaps she wouldn't feel so strange in expressing her feelings. However, the fact that she is an outsider among these relativly liberal Creole women may be influencing her view of the world.

4. She's jealous of the water because of the freedom it offers rather than the land that is holding her captive; learning to swim becomes a metaphor for freedom and learning how to be free.

5. Some people would envy Edna's life: wealthy, and hakuna mattata. No worries. However, Edna is resentful of this life and just wants to be free. Ties in some what with idea three.

6. Do we feel sorry for her?
No, we don't. Perhaps it's because we feel that in this modern day women, if they want to assert themselves and their power should do so, a view contrary to the view of turn of the century where the woman was expected to be dimure and submissive and conform to the expectations of middle/upper-class women.

7. White seems to have wide use, Edna is wearing lots of white as is Mrs. Ratignolle, representing purity and freedom.

8. ZOMG the ending is given away in the APSUH notes! *cries*

9. We have been desensitized to affairs because it has become so common in the modern world. And yet we still view it as wrong despite this desensitization, or perhaps its better to say that we scoff at it and go on our way.

Come up with Friday's essay topics for tomarrow.
Catch up to page 60.
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